The importance of learning self defence

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In an era marked by uncertainty and varied challenges, the importance of learning self-defence cannot be overstated. Self-defence goes beyond physical techniques; it encompasses a mindset of empowerment, awareness, and preparedness. Whether you’re a child, teenager, adult, or senior, mastering self-defence skills can significantly enhance personal safety and well-being. Here’s why learning self-defence is crucial:

Rhythm and self defence

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  Rhythm is something that most people would associate with music and dance, but not with martial artsor self defence. Well rhythm is something that fits in well with self defence, as if you look at arts such as capoeira it can easily be mistaken for a type of street dance. Even looking at a

Palm Strikes Vs Punches

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Palm Strikes vs Punches   Many reputable self-defence instructors teach palm strikes rather than punches. The question is why? The reality of the matter is there are pros and cons to both techniques, and you need to see what suits you.   The biggest argument for palm strikes and against punches is that there is