Tameshiwari In Karate

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In the world of martial arts, few images are as iconic as that of a martial artist breaking through a stack of wooden boards or concrete blocks with a single, powerful strike. This practice, known as Tameshiwari, holds a deep significance within disciplines like Karate, transcending mere spectacle to embody the essence of skill, focus,

The Karate punch?

Image showing a Karate punch

When people think of karate the common thought is people dressed in white pyjamas standing in lines punching the air with one hand chambered by their side also known as the karate punch. The most common question in the dojo (training hall) from students is why do we have to practice punching in this fashion?

Karate Terminology

Basic Strikes Chudan tsuki Stomach level punch Jodan tsuki Head level punch Yoko uraken Side Backfist Strike Mawashi empi Round Elbow Strike   Basic Blocks Jodan age uke Rising head level block Haiwan uke Forearm block Soto uke Outside hooking block Gedan barai Downward block Kake uke Hooking block Oshikomu uke Pushing block Shuto uke