Our self defence and sparring classes are age specific and suitable for children 7+ and adults. Classes involve pressure testing self defence and also learning sparring skills that can be applied in both sport and self defence. 

Gi’s are optional in these classes and we have a seperate grading syllabus for those that wish to grade. The basic uniform is gi trousers and a T-shirt, however if you wish to grade then a gi is required.

For a more detailed description of what you will learn please see below.

You will learn defences and escapes from: wrist grabs (double and single), Haymaker punches, being grabbed and punched, being pinned against a wall, headlocks, bear hugs and even chokes.

All techniques are taught in a safe manor with full safety equipment. Once students become confident with the escapes they are then tested under pressure to simulate the feelings of being in a real self defence situation. Full safety equipment, gloves, leg pads, head gear, mouth guards and groin guards are used to protect the attacker and to allow safe simulation of striking key areas of the body during a self defence situation. In turn this builds muscle memory and skills that can be relied upon should the need arise.

You will gain the confidence to strike back and be a hard target. This in turn will give you the confidence to fight back should the need arise. 

6 week self defence course

Ready to take control of your safety and build unshakable confidence? Our 6-week Adults Self-Defense Course is designed for YOU!

What You’ll Gain:

Practical Techniques: Learn effective self-defense moves tailored for real-world situations. 

Confidence Boost: Develop the mindset and skills to handle unexpected challenges. 

Personal Safety: Master techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones.